About Us
Extra Facility Management Services / EFM SERVICES

About Us

EFM Services offers a comprehensive suite of Facility Management Services for small, medium and large scale facilities and organizations.

Our aim is to make ourcustomer’s life simpler by providing turnkey and customized solutions, which forms the core part of our business philosophy. We strive to give our best in everything we do, putting the right attention to every single task we undertake. From the smallest cleaning job to the biggest construction project we give it our all.

We combine the provision of an ultimate service with a unique set of technologies to make things simple and effective for every single customer.

We are not just a supplier; We are your reliable partner


We want to provide customized and unique services to our customers by giving our customers memorable experiences. We use the most advanced in technology equipment which are used by our fully trained team, in order to provide excellence in every single task we undertake.


To provide our maintenance and cleaning solutions in areas where they have been lacking of insufficiently ran throughout the Albanian market. We want to become Number One in the service industry throughout the region and provide excellent experiences to our customers. Our business ethics are strongly competitive while we always strive to uphold our professional name. We promise to always keep up with the latest technology developments and offer services using state-of-the art tools and equipment.